Float content

Float content or Floating content, The visitors have to scroll to read the article on the page; however such scrolling hides the important content which you want to display on the top of the page.

The Floating content shown here allows to Render the content which move along with scrolling. Such floating content will be always visible on screen.

The floating contents will visibly move towards the specified viewing area spot, slowing as it moves closer to it and finishing the move with a visible snap. Such animation will definitely draw user attention to the floating contents.

This is only a simple demo with a video (but here can be anything like image, post/page content, any image slider, any wordpress plugin (etc. facebook plugin, googel plugins), any cart plugin etc.) And plugin floating animation could be from

  • Top corner,
  • middle left,
  • bottom left corner,
  • bottom middle,
  • Top middle
  • right top corner,
  • right middle corner,
  • right bottom corner

you can get these feature-

— Float your page content  —
— Float your post content —
— Float any wordpress plugin by their shortcode —
— And Many more —

== Installation ==
? Upload float content
? Click Install Now button.
? Then click Activate Plugin button.
Now Float content has been added in the main menu section. Plugin settings parameters are available.

Back-end configuration




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Author: cyberwp